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A writer and editor fresh into her third passport, Anna Broadway has covered soulmates and Tinder for The Washington Postpink's gendered history for The Atlantic online and numerous other topics for publications including Books and Culture and Christianity Today. Doubleday/Waterbrook released her memoir Sexless in the City in 2008.

The Global Singleness Project

Starting in June 2018, Anna plans to spend a year on the road visiting and interviewing Christians of all ages for a book on the global experience of singleness. Dividing her time roughly based on each continent's share of the world's Christians, she will spend about one week per congregation.


A keen observer of human idiosyncrasies.
— San Francisco Magazine



Sexless in the CITY

What happens when you love God and want to have sex? In Sexless in the City, Anna Broadway navigates romantic entanglements with men like the Harvard Lickwit, Hippie the Groper and Ad Weasel. As she tries to find love in the city, she must decide if the God of her youth is real and worthy of trusting with her love life. See all books.

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