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Global Singleness Project

Christians' stories from 50+ cities

Everyone spends at least part of life alone.

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From community, meals and celebrations, to work, housing, aging and how we use our time and money, life looks different when you're single and living without a partner.

And more of us seem to stay single longer.

How does this affect Christians?

During a year-long trip around the world, Anna Broadway will visit individual church or parish communities to research a book on the global experience of singleness and living alone.

Scope of Research

  • All Christian traditions: Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox

  • All ages and all reasons for singleness

  • Across six continents: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, South and North America, as well as the Middle East and Central America

Research to Date

As of July 2019, Anna has:

  • Visited 39 countries across five continents

  • Interviewed nearly 300 people in one-on-one or group conversations

  • Worked with dozens of churches, pastors and priests

How a Visit Works

1 host + 4-5 interviews + 1 optional church- or parish-based event

  • Duration: Anna will spend about one week with each church or parish.

  • Interviews: In addition, Anna will arrange individual interviews with 4-5 people — e.g., at least one woman and man; at least one older and one younger single; at least one priest/pastor or leader from the church.

  • Optional event: Some churches use Anna's visit to host a discussion about singleness. This could range from attending an existing home or care group to a one-time discussion, lecture or other event.

  • Optional free seminar: As a gift to each host church or parish, Anna is willing to offer a free thank-you seminar on a topic of their choice, drawing on her skills and professional experience. Topics could include basic marketing and website design (ideal for small businesses), American cooking, basic money management, listening prayer and so on.

  • Housing: Anna also seeks to barter cooking, cleaning, childcare, consulting or other help in exchange for a place to stay at each stop.

Pastoral reference letter available upon request.

Ways to Participate

  1. Suggest a locally led church or parish community, preferably outside the United States.

  2. Attend an event.

  3. Follow her travels here and the post-event notes she'll share on Instagram.

Ways to Support the Global Singleness Project

  1. Pray for the project - That God would bless all who participate and use the stories Anna hears to encourage Christians and others around the world. Pray, too, for logistics: physical safety, wisdom in decision making and mutual understanding, despite cross-cultural differences.

  2. Offer to host or translate. Barter arrangements very welcome. Anna speaks fluent English, basic conversational German and is working to improve her limited Spanish.

  3. Refer Anna for freelance projects. As part of self-funding the trip, Anna seeks projects she can do remotely, using her 10+ years experience in corporate and health care communication, content strategy and email/event marketing. Resume and work samples available on request.

  4. Make a donation of money or airline miles. When possible, Anna mainly flies American Airlines and sometimes United Airlines.


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