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Krakow: The drive-by version

I had a fun, full 10 hours in Krakow yesterday (mostly the old town), but it was not without some drama.

After the sun set, I went to the Schindler factory (setting of the story told in Schindler's List). Unfortunately, it turned out my guidebook left out the off-season hours. Though an hour was left before closing time, they stop selling tickets 90 minutes before, due to the time required to walk through the exhibit.

Krakow-Schindler factory sign.jpg

After I sat and thought a minute, I went up to ask if they could make any exception for me since it was my only day in Krakow. To my relief, they let me into the second floor, so I got to see most of the exhibit (I think you usually stay on the third, or at another part?). They didn't even charge me!