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Tokyo day 5: Weekend jazz, conversation, laughter

I first noticed the shift from Tokyo's work week to weekend last night when we were returning from the game night. After almost exclusively silent trains rides in which our group was one of the only parties talking, I noticed small knots of people conversing -- some on the train, others in stations. Though many still wore their work-week "uniform" (white shirts and dark suits for men, conservatively feminine skirts and dresses for women), you could sense a new air of relaxation.

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Tokyo day 3: Stairs, temples and gardens

After a cheerful breakfast at Denny's, we set off for a large Buddhist temple popular with tourists. It was interesting to see all the commerce surrounding the temple and how multi-sensory the experience could be: incense, things to shake or bang, and the vivid colors of paintings and robes as you neared the central room, where they were concluding some sort of ceremony or service. 

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